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Glenn Beck’s Goldline Charged with Bait and Switch

Nothing could be more illustrative of my prior APM Precious Metals Blog Post titled, “Gold – What You Are Not Being Told”, than the charges brought against one of the biggest and oldest precious metal dealers, Goldline International Inc, as described in this linked article in the Los Angeles Times. Unfortunately this is not the exception, which is why I went into business in early 2011 to offer an alternative to the many unethical practices taking place today. It’s been interesting – some folks have concern because I have not been in business for as long as companies like Goldline, who went into business in 1960. My best honest answer to this concern is: “yes that’s true, but the bigger point is, I don’t have any experience doing this the wrong way”. I will never engage in the practices described in the charges brought against Goldline. My motivation for getting into this business is because I passionately believe that ownership of physical gold and silver bullion is a necessary but woefully overlooked asset class – essential for long term wealth preservation. I also experienced first hand, as a first time gold and silver bullion buyer, the high pressure and self-serving practices of many precious metal dealers and knew I could do this successfully, the right way.

I remember a wise elderly investment adviser from years back stressing the return of capital as more important than the return on capital. As described in this prior APM Precious Metals Blog Post titled, “Retirement Savings – Devaluation, Diversification and Caffeine”, it is official US policy to devalue the US dollar – in other words, it is official US policy to devalue your money. Applying the advice of the wise investment adviser in another context – As you save for, enter into and experience retirement, it is the preservation of the purchasing power of your money that is important, not the preservation of the nominal amount of the dollars held in your savings. What good does it do you if ten years from now your have the same amount of dollars as you do now but those dollars will only purchase half of what they will purchase today? The only asset class not dependent on any other factor for its purchasing power value is physical gold and silver bullion – it has survived kings, princes, dictators, czars, prime ministers, presidents and empires and it will survive the serious sovereign debt crisis we are now entering into. The shame is that you risk experiencing the deceptive practices described in the criminal charges brought against Goldline in order to buy the longest surviving asset class in modern civilization. Unfortunately these unethical practices are very effective because so many have so much experience perfecting them and setting them up in such a manner, that they can be plausibly denied by crafty management and skillful attorneys. Atlantic Precious Metals LLC is a family owned and operated precious metals dealer based in Lewes, Delaware (a wonderful place to retire, by the way). I can proudly and honestly say that Atlantic Precious Metals LLC has more experience selling gold and silver bullion the right way than many precious metal dealers who have been in business a half century or more.

By the way – if the charges brought against Goldline are true – shame on you Glenn Beck. Of course, I’ve never understood the advertising effectiveness of having to pay someone to say something good about you and I question the intellectual honesty and integrity of celebrity talk show hosts like Glenn Beck who claim to represent the average person from their personal experience as a paid celebrity spokesperson. Put not your trust in princes, even those who come to you in talk show host clothing. Like a wolf in wolf’s clothing, they are celebrity talk show hosts in celebrity talk show host clothing – and nothing more.

Its tough to break into this business when you refuse to engage is the unethical practices taking place today. I reject and disdain these practices – especially those practices that take advantage of the elderly – so thanks for your support!

To those of you who have not yet contacted us, we look forward to earning your trust and your business. There is no need for anyone to risk being treated unfairly. There is an alternative. That’s why we went into business.

Call or email me anytime. It will be my pleasure to be of service to you.

Ron Miller, President and Founder – Atlantic Precious Metals LLC
Phone: 1-800-APM-GUIDE (1-800-276-4843)

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